Passings: Jeff Hanson

Found out late this afternoon that Kill Rock Stars recording artist Jeff Hanson, 31, has died. This tragic news, on a cold and rainy day in Minneapolis, is sad and sobering. I first heard him being interviewed on public radio a couple years ago, describing how he sung his trademark falsetto (forgive me if that’s not the right term) as a child, and utilized the same style when he became a songwriter. I picked up his self-titled LP, and was impressed with the delicate, unconventional songs. If you are a fan of Elliott Smith or Iron & Wine, this is an album you should listen to.

No definite word on cause of death yet — but it doesn’t matter. This was someone with a surplus of talent, who was reportedly excited at how his career was going, who had an unlimited number of songs to write, who has left us too early. I am really saddened by the news. RIP, Mr. Hanson.

Jeff Hanson site

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