Thank You Lord (for Anna Faris)

There’s a song by the Carpetbaggers called “Thank You Lord” in which my good buddy John Magnuson sings the praises of a creator who saw fit to create a variation on man that is superior in almost every way to the original. (I’m relying on country music AND the gospel here, so don’t get too upset.) They don’t seem too crazy about me, but I don’t care. I’m an enthusiastic fan of their gender, and intend this theme as appreciation of what Johnny Horton called “that little difference.” When a man equals the charm or the appeal of any female I include in the series, I’ll admit I was wrong and that’ll be the end of another awkward intended compliment.

Thank you Lord for Anna Faris:

  • For being the sole reason for renting Scary Movies 1-4
  • For channeling the physical comedy of Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball
  • For being the first in a series of women from Washington state (stay tuned)
  • For giving me a new movie to see, the House Bunny, which looks kinda good
  • Other intangibles (see photo below)

Anna FarisAnna –
It takes a really smart actress to play a dumb bunny. I enjoyed your role in Lost in Translation, as well as every Scary Movie that I’ve seen. (Sorry, I don’t remember which is which.) Those have to have be the toughest roles — playing the straight (wo)man in a parody of horror movies, and being the funniest thing about them. Hope the House Bunny lives up to the promise of its trailer, and good luck in your promising future.

Expecting a restraining order and your continued indifference,


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