Shiftless When Idle

Dear readers — both of you — I have to admit that I am now gainfully unemployed. Leaving the job I worked for eight years was painful, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I guess that, eventually, the loss of one’s self-esteem outweighs the anxiety of being without a job, and you decide to trade one problem for a different one.

There’s a saying about risk and change: You can’t steal second base without taking your foot off of first. But the thought that has really stuck with me is, you don’t need a perfect plan when you’re trapped in a burning building — just getting out will qualify as success.

The obstinate German in me hates the idea of not doing this right. But as I’m fond of saying lately, my daddy didn’t raise a quitter, but my mama didn’t raise a fool.

If anyone is the least bit interested, see my LinkedIn profile. I’m open to a different challenge, and fully ready to face a better tomorrow.

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