Happy Six Months

Today marks six months since I quit my job. I’m happy to be able to say that I haven’t felt a bit of regret. Sure, when I go to pay rent every month, I wish I still had a paycheck I could turn over. But I don’t miss spending my days with bitter and unfriendly people. In a weird way, I miss the routine, but I’m working on a more-positive one, thinking of ways I can make and save money, applying for jobs, writing and communicating with creative and encouraging friends I’d neglected.

Quitting at the start of a recession may not have been the best idea, but stepping off the wrong path and onto a new one has given me a chance to make a better choice. I know that, had I stayed for the sake of having a job and a steady paycheck, my health and self-esteem would have suffered, and I may have become bitter and joyless as well. I’ve learned that life is too short for that.

So tomorrow begins a new day of possibilities, opportunities and ideas. Like I have for the past six months, I look forward to getting up in the morning, and seeing what might come my way. Maybe tomorrow will be the best day of my life.

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