Elsewhere Online: 100 Days in Glacier National Park

Glacier Park Magazine editor Chris Peterson set out to chronicle 100 days in Glacier National Park in preparation for the park’s centennial celebration next year. From his photographs, he chose one for each consecutive day, and they are all amazing. Glacier is one of the most-beautiful places I’ve ever seen, and seems wilder than your average national park. The photos here reflect that. There are bear and moose, but many birds and incredible landscapes.

Peterson adds short anecdotes to each photo, and the best of them add to the enjoyment of the photo. He describes being in the middle of a forlorn mountain trail, setting up his tent among the mosquitoes and an approaching thunderstorm, suffering from a stomach-cramping illness, and accompanies the description with a photo that makes me want to trade places with him.

I’d recommend going to the page, immediately scrolling to the bottom and reading the entries in order. I didn’t want the 100 days to end.

Link: 100 Days in Glacier National Park

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